What Is The Difference Between Catholics And Christians?

A child praying while holding a rosary

As adherents of Jesus Christ, Catholics and Christians share many commonalities regarding their beliefs concerning God, Jesus, and redemption. Nonetheless, there exist notable distinctions between these two groups. Primarily, Catholics are affiliated with the Roman Catholic Church, the largest Christian denomination globally. Consequently, Catholics adhere to the doctrines of the Church and partake in its […]

What Kind Of Church Is A Christian Church?

Beautiful Christian church ceiling

Originating in the United States during the 19th century through the Stone-Campbell Movement, commonly known as the Restoration Movement, the Christian Church, also referred to as the Disciples of Christ, emerged with a core emphasis on inclusivity at the communion table and a rejection of creedal limitations. From its inception, this denomination has been committed […]

Do Christians Believe Jesus Is God?

A statue of jesus christ

Jesus Christ stands as the pivotal figure within Christianity, yet interpretations of his essence vary among believers. The longstanding debate revolves around the fundamental inquiry: Is Jesus God? This theological question has sparked centuries of discourse among Christians spanning diverse denominations. In brief, for those seeking a concise response: The prevailing consensus among historical and […]

What Are The 3 Branches Of Christianity?

A wooden rosary

Various world religions feature diverse sects, denominations, or factions, Christianity being no exception. Understanding these subdivisions is crucial for gaining insight into a specific world religion. For instance, within Christianity, there exist three primary branches of denominations: Catholic, Protestant, and Eastern Orthodox. While the Catholic and Eastern Orthodox churches perceive themselves as original, pre-denominational entities, […]

What Is In A Christian Church?

Windows of a Christian church

There are two main ways to look at what’s inside a Christian church. Literally, the inside of a church building will typically have a sanctuary or worship space, with seating for the congregation. There may also be a baptistry, a font used for baptisms, and an altar or communion table, used for the Lord’s Supper. […]

What Does The Christian Church Believe In?

People holding hands while praying

At the heart of Christianity lies the belief in Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Christians understand him as a paradox – fully human, experiencing the world with all its joys and sorrows, yet also fully divine, possessing the essence of God. This unique nature, they believe, allowed Jesus to bridge the gap between humanity […]

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