JCKC CrossBridge Core Values

Gospel Oriented

Our Life and Ministry are formed and transformed by what God has done through Christ. We focus on God and glean from His Goodness.

Servant Leadership

God in the flesh, Jesus Christ, is the epitome of human beauty, and through His humility, He has set the perfect example of servant leadership.

Care for the Individual Soul

As Jesus intimately ministered to His small number of core disciples, we follow this pattern of nurturing and caring for the individual soul. When one lost sheep returns, the whole heaven is overjoyed.


Incorporating the house church model from Acts in the early church, we grow together as we share life as well as the burdens and the joys of the Gospel Ministry.

Royal Priesthood of All Believers

Every believer has direct access to God through Jesus Christ and thus shares the right and responsibility of ministering to other believers and non-believers alike.

Inter-generational & Inter-dependent

Although self-governing and self-funded, the English congregation of JCKC, CrossBridge, was founded with the vision of growing together with the Korean Congregation as an interdependent and intergenerational ministry model.